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    California Cryobank is proud to offer three Donor Information Subscription Plans designed to help you make that special "connection to your ideal donor. Simply select the level of detail you are interested in for your in-depth review of over 300 highly screened, premium CCB Donors. Subscription is valid for 90 days from date of purchase.

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    Donor Keepsake Packet

    Donor Information Keepsake PacketWe hope that your donor's information will not only help you today, but also prove valuable to your family in years to come. To help preserve all the information, it is our pleasure to provide a Donor Keepsake Packet (with the purchase of Level II or Level III) once you officially report your pregnancy to us.

    Your Donor Keepsake Packet will include printed copies of your donor's Level I information, plus his available information from Level II or Level III (based on your selected subscription level). Most importantly, it is a chance for us to say, "Congratulations!" to you and your family.

    How It Works

    Level I provides free, unlimited access to all available Donor Profiles, Medical Histories, Genetic Test Summaries, Donor Personal Essays, and Staff Impressions. Items are downloadable. Simply log in or open an online account to access these items.

    Level II and Level III items are VIEW ONLY. Level II includes Level I items plus three months of unlimited access to all available Extended Donor Profiles, Childhood Photo(s), and Express Yourself. Level III provides three months of unlimited access to all Level II items plus all available Facial Features Reports, Donor Conversations, Keirsey Reports, and Keirsey, Q&As.

    To access Level II and Level III items, simply purchase one of these subscription levels, run a donor search, select any donor number from your search results and click the item you wish to view in the Donor Information Center.

    Please note that all items may not be available for all donors. Refunds are not available after Donor Subscription purchase.

    There is a $125 fee to upgrade from Level II to Level III once a purchase is completed. The upgrade to Level III provides 90 days of access to all available donor information items from the time of upgrade. The upgrade is not an extension of your original 90-day purchase.

    90-Day Donor Information Subscriptions
    Subscriptions give you access to different levels of information on ALL available donors. You can also purchase Donor Information A La Carte for just one donor.
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