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  • Genetic Consultations

    Genetic counselors are health professionals with specialized graduate degrees and training in medical genetics. A genetic counselor:

    • Collects and evaluates an individual's family medical information
    • Explains genetic conditions and how they are passed down through families
    • Discusses genetic screening and diagnostic testing options including the risks, benefits, and limitations of available tests
    • Provides support for making informed decisions about genetic testing and medical planning
    • Explains the results of genetic tests

    California Cryobank has professional genetic counselors on staff available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding genetic testing or a sperm donor's family medical history. To schedule a consultation about genetic testing performed at CCB or a donor's medical history, please contact the Genetics Department at (877) 743-6384.

    CCB recommends that all clients meet with a genetic counselor to evaluate their own family medical histories and discuss genetic testing options that are appropriate for their needs. You can locate a genetic counselor in your area at www.nsgc.org.

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