• Choosing Your Donor

    How To Find Your Perfect Sperm Donor

    California Cryobank's high standards and extensive screening process means our catalogue has nothing but the highest quality donors for you to choose from. Rest assured that our recruiters, lab technicians, genetic counselors, and medical directors have made sure you can't go wrong when selecting your donor.

    Simply follow these easy steps and let your ideal donor find you.

    1. Run A Donor Search

    Try not to be too specific in your initial search. Limiting your initial parameters to one or two key characteristics will generally provide you with a good sized list to start. You risk eliminating donors who may meet most but not all your criteria if you search too specifically right off the bat. You will have plenty of time to narrow the field as you go along.

    2. Think About The Most Important People In Your Life

    Think about important people in your life. Is it their height, hair color, and family medical history the first thing that pops into your head - or is it the less tangible things that define them in your mind? Most likely, it's these little things that your child may find fascinating about your donor one day. This means doing your research which starts by selecting your Donor Information Subscription level. Learn whether your donor choices were artists, athletes, musicians, or scientists by reading their Donor Personal Essays and Profiles as if you were reading them to your future three-year-old. Look at their Childhood Photos knowing how meaningful it may be one day when your son or daughter recognizes that button nose or big brown eyes as their own. Study the Express Yourself(s) knowing that while they may just seem cute or quirky to you now, your little one may carry them close to their heart for a lifetime. Hopefully, learning more and more about each donor will help make your ultimate decision that much easier.

    3. When Donors Are Listed With "Please Call"

    You may need to call our Client Services Department if you find a donor who has Please Call under his availability. This means he has fewer than 10 vials available and we will need to check our inventory to confirm we have the number of vials you need.

    4. Know Who You’d Like Your Donor To Resemble?

    If you have a person or picture you would like your donor to resemble, call to schedule a Donor Matching Consultation. While you won’t be able to view donor pictures, our Client Service Representative will go through your donor choices with you and rank them by how closely they resemble your picture.

    5. Purchase & Store Your Vials

    Purchasing additional vials is the only way to guarantee your donor will be available should you require additional treatments or decide to have another child in the future. Our Family Today/Tomorrow programs offer free storage options as well as the ability to sell back any unused vials once your family is complete.

    6. Place Your Order For Delivery

    Ideally, allow an extra day for shipping prior to your insemination as weather and technical difficulties can affect Federal Express Overnight deliveries.

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