• How It Works

    While selecting and purchasing donor sperm is a unique process in sperm banks, it certainly doesn't need to be complicated or intimidating. Whether you utilize our fully interactive website or contact our experienced and caring Client Service Representatives regarding donor sperm, we will make sure your CCB experience is as successful as possible.

    For your convenience, this website is loaded with an abundance of information, not only about donor insemination, but also about how we are a top sperm bank and only qualify top quality sperm donors. You can learn more about California Cryobank - the facility itself, our process, and our staff - and even read about our success stories in helping people just like you. And, of course, we offer general information about reproductive services - answering most commonly asked questions and providing current news topics regarding donor sperm, artificial insemination, and other subject matter related to reproduction.

    Read about the entire donor sperm and insemination process including: how we recruit and qualify donors, process specimens, the countdown to artificial insemination, how to choose a donor and open an account with us, ordering and shipping, and family planning through our Family Today and Family Tomorrow programs. We even offer an online search engine that allows you to browse our sperm donor catalog by any combination of height, weight, ethnicity, eye/hair color, education, blood type, or even religion from the privacy of your own home.

    Through our comprehensive website you can open your account, search for a donor, and even order vials. At California Cryobank we understand that working with sperm banks may cause some initial uneasiness; subsequently, we appreciate the importance of making the process as comfortable as possible for those who so value their privacy. However, we also realize that because this is a very personal process you may prefer the comfort of speaking to an experienced Client Service Representative. We always fully encourage you to contact us by phone at any point for one-on-one guidance. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 866-927-9622. We're here for you and look forward to helping you reach your family goals.

    • Opening your Account

      Opening your CCB account takes about 15 minutes and offers great benefits. Membership with California Cryobank makes available to you all of our many services including genetic counseling, access to donor sperm. and post reproductive services such as discounted premium cord blood banking and the CCB Sibling Registry.

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    • Donor Recruitment

      California Cryobank actively recruits donors from the top US universities. But recruitment is only part of our comprehensive process. Potential donors are screened rigorously through our extensive qualification process through which they must meet the superior standards we have put in place. Less than 1% of all applicants actually qualify to become CCB donors.

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    • Choosing Your Donor

      We are dedicated to helping you find the best donor possible. The California Cryobank sperm bank staff is ready at all times to guide you through the process of narrowing down your selection of donor sperm and ultimately making a choice that works best for you. Our extensive experience and resources make the process as convenient and comfortable as possible.

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