• Post Conception Services

    Finding your ideal donor is just the beginning

    Our job continues even after your child is born. We are always happy to try and facilitate contact between donor and child. Please read our Anonymous Donor Contact Policy for more details.

    And don't forget to report your pregnancy so that we can keep you informed with any status changes or upates on your donor. This is a vital part of the overall California Cryobank sperm bank experience.

    • Cord Blood Banking

      Through our sister company, FamilyCord, CCB is the only sperm bank in the world to offer discounted cord blood processing. Storing your child's umbilical cord blood is a safe, secure, and affordable way to help protect them from many serious diseases in the future. Your child's cord blood may also be able to help other family members in time of need. For more details, please contact one of our Cord Blood Educators at 888-828-2673.

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    • Sibling Registry

      Join the growing number of related donor families that are finding each other through our private sibling registry. Excited parents and age appropriate donor children are sharing information and creating extended family ties around the world. Chat, set up an in-person meeting, or simply read about your child’s related genetic network on our secure bulletin board. This free service is exclusive to CCB clients. Current user contacts range from simple e-mail "hellos" to multi-family reunions.

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    • Donor Reactivation

      What happens if you decided to have another child, but your original donor is no longer available? Contact our Client Services Team for details on how we may be able to Reactivate Your Donor. Significant additional fees ($3,500+) apply. Getting ready for your first child? Please take a moment to read about Family Today and Family Tomorrow which provide much quicker, easier, and cost-friendly ways to assure your donor will always be available in the future. Take the needed time to plan out the process from beginning to end, including choosing the donor sperm, through artificial insemination, all the way through your child's birth and growth.

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    90-Day Donor Information Subscriptions
    Subscriptions give you access to different levels of information on ALL available donors. You can also purchase Donor Information A La Carte for just one donor.
    Sign up for a FREE California Cryobank account and learn a little bit about ALL available donors
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