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    Do you already have someone in mind to be your donor?

    A Directed Donor, also referred to as "Known Donor", is a sperm donor who is known to the recipient, however, is not a sexually intimate partner. This type of donor requires a similar screening process to that required of an anonymous donor. California Cryobank can complete this screening process for your donor.

    To arrange an initial consultation or for more information, please contact us at: 866-477-3762.

    This program is available at all California Cryobank locations, including: Los Angeles, CA; Palo Alto, CA; New York, NY and Cambridge, MA.

    Directed "Known" Donor Program Steps:

    The screening process takes approximately 6-12 months during which time your donor will complete the following steps:

    Step 1: Consultation, Semen Analysis and Optional Test Freeze
    A California Cryobank Coordinator will conduct a consultation with the directed donor and the recipient (recipient optional). A semen analysis and test freeze is performed to assess the donor's specimen quality.

    Step 2: Physical Exam
    The Directed Donor will complete a physical exam next.

    Step 3: Initial Blood Test and 1st Retained Semen Specimen
    The initial blood draw for general health (cholesterol, hemoglobin, etc.) and infectious disease testing can be performed on the same day the donor collects his first retained semen specimen. A complete semen analysis, including a post freeze analysis, is performed on each retained semen specimen.

    Step 4: Genetic Evaluation
    The donor will have a consultation with a California Cryobank genetic counselor. The donor's family and medical history will be reviewed and genetic testing will be discussed with the donor. Some genetic tests may be required and others will be optional. The required genetic screening tests may be performed at this appointment and include cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy and hemoglobinopathy carrier screening. Additional genetic screening is performed on donors with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, Cajun or French Canadian ancestry. The recipient's physician will be informed of the results of the genetic risk assessment and is responsible for discussing the implications with the recipient.

    Please note: A genetic consultation is also recommended for the recipient or her egg donor to evaluate the risk for medical problems in her future offspring. If any medical history of concern is identified, the recipient will have the opportunity to discuss the genetic tests and/or management options that are available for her pregnancy. For more information or to schedule a genetic consultation, please contact CCB Genetic Counseling Services at (877) 943-6384.  

    Step 5: Additional Specimen Collection(s)
    The donor may collect additional semen specimens by appointment as recommeded by the referring physician.

    Step 6: Quarantine Period
    The standard quarantine period for semen specimens is six months. If the referring physician authorizes a shorter quarantine period, California Cryobank recommends a minimum three month quarantine period. The recipient's referring physician must request any quarantine period of less than six months on California Cryobank's Directed Donor Program Registration Sheet.

    Step 7: Final Blood Draw/Review
    Following the quarantine period, the donor must complete a final blood draw in order to release the specimens. The recipient will be given an approximate date for vial release at that time, however, we cannot guarantee that the specimens will be released on a specific date or become available at all. On average, it takes up to approximately one month to receive the vials after the final blood draw is performed.

    During this time period, the Directed Donor's chart will enter a final review by the: Laboratory, Genetics, Quality Assurance and Client Depositor Departments. It will also be reviewed by California Cryobank's Medical Director. Please note: if the Medical Director does not approve the donor due to issues such as positive test results, the vials may not be able to be released.

    Step 8: Specimen Retrieval
    A Coordinator will contact the recipient when the vials become available for release. Vials can either be picked up at California Cryobank or shipped out in our dry shippers via FedEx. Please contact California Cryobank at least two business days prior to when you need the vials. You may also continue to store any remaining vials at California Cryobank for future use.

    To arrange an initial consultation or for more information, please contact us at: 866-477-3762.

    How It Works

    A California Cryobank Coordinator will be assigned to each directed donor case and will coordinate the process according to the steps above. The coordinator will keep the recipient updated in terms of the directed donor's progress. The program takes approximately 6-12 months to complete based on the designated quarantine period provided by the referring physician.


    The total costs of the Directed Donor Program averages from $3,200 to $4,000. Each client has different needs and therefore the costs will vary.

    Base Fee: $3,950*, including:

    Payment 1 of Base Fee Due: $335 (Remaining Balance of Base Fee: $3,615)

    • Initial consultation with all involved parties
    • Semen analysis with test freeze (IUI (washed) or ICI (unwashed))

    *Please note that the test freeze is a complimentary addition to the semen analysis


    Payment 2 of Base Fee Due: $1,725 (Remaining Balance of Base Fee: $1,890)

    • Physical examination
    • Initial specimen freeze
    • General health screening and initial infectious disease testing (via blood draw/urine sample)
    • Required Genetic Screening Tests


    Payment 3 of Base Fee Due: $1,890 (Remaining Balance of Base Fee: $0) + any applicable additional fees listed below, prior to release of vials

    • Final infectious disease testing and 12 months of specimen storage
    • Consultative and Professional services:
      • Complete assessment of directed donor's medical social history and current health status by California Cryobank's Medical Director
      • Complete evaluation of directed donor's family medical history for three generations and genetic risk assessment by California Cryobank's Genetic Counselor


    Additional Fees (if applicable):

    • Consultation/Semen Analysis/Test Freeze: $335 (if Directed Donor process is not pursued after this step - this will be the only applicable fee)
    • Additional ICI freezes - $230 each; Additional IUI freezes - $410 each
    • Genetic Testing: Applicable fees will be discussed with the genetic counselor for additional genetic screening beyond the required tests. A California Cryobank genetic counselor will work with the donor, recipient and all applicable parties involved to determine which genetic tests are recommended.

    The donor can discontinue the program at any time and should provide notice in writing to California Cryobank. If the donor does not complete the screening process, fees will not be reimbursed by California Cryobank. In addition, regardless of which party pays for the services, the donor can withdraw his permission for use of semen at any time.

    Additional Information

    For those unable to utilize California Cryobank's Directed Donor Program due to time constraints, legal concerns, or financial barriers, California Cryobank's Donors are an excellent option to help start your family.

    California Cryobank (CCB) donors undergo the industry's most extensive screening process that eliminates over 99% of all applicants. Donor applicants are screened for STDs, genetic mutations, family medical history (three generations), educational requirements, and of course specimen quality. Active donors undergo ongoing blood tests every three months while in the program and every donation is individually tested to make sure it meets our high quality standards.

    CCB offers more than 300 donors to choose from on our catalog. These premium donors include outstanding college athletes, artists, musicians, and over 50 Graduate Donors pursuing or having completed their Master's Degrees or PhDs.

    ICI (unwashed) and IUI (washed) Donor vials range from $595 to $795  depending on vial type. Establishing an account to purchase donor semen is simple and vials can be purchased and shipped over the phone or directly from www.cryobank.com - once the necessary forms have been signed by your physician.

    For more information on this option, please call 866-927-9622.

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