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    Choosing the right sperm bank makes choosing the right sperm donor easy. An industry leader for almost 40 years, California Cryobank combines the world's most comprehensive selection of stringently screened sperm donors with extensive quality control, a highly trained staff, and valuable post-conception services to offer the most complete sperm banking experience available.




    Almost 40 years of experience servicing all 50 states and more than 30 countries worldwide.

    CCB has been assisting future parents with their reproductive needs since 1977. This experience has helped us to refine our processes and procedures in order to offer you the highest possible chance for a healthy and successful pregnancy.

    Donor Selection

    The industry's largest and most diverse donor selection recruited from world class universities including UCLA, USC, Stanford, Harvard and MIT.

    Don't be limited by selection. Your best chance at finding your ideal donor comes from having plenty of options. Every CCB sperm donor is extensively screened and uniquely special, providing you with hundreds of combinations of physical characteristics, nationality and religious backgrounds, and interests/talents. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or you will just know him when you find him, CCB has the right donor for you.

    Highly Qualified Staff

    Our caring, experienced staff will help guide you through the entire process making sure you find your ideal donor.

    Donor Recruiters actively pursue highly educated and accomplished students and professionals as potential donors. Our Donor Coordinators, Professional Laboratory Staff and Genetic Counselors then begin the screening process, ultimately eliminating all but the top 1% of applicants, assuring you the highest quality donors to choose from. A Client Service Consultant will be your personal guide through the donor sperm selection process and along with our Donor Matching Consultant will help you to narrow down your choices. Once you have your donor, our Genetic Counselors can assist you with any questions regarding his family medical history.

    Post-Conception Services

    Our job doesn't end with your baby being born.

    By offering cord blood storage, limited donor updates, specimen storage options, genetic counseling support, Vial Buyback and Vial Exchange programs, CCB continues to contribute to your family's well being long after your baby is born and the artificial insemination process is completed.

    Quality Assurance

    By maintaining the industry's highest quality standards, CCB gives you the best possible opportunity for a safe and successful pregnancy.

    Every aspect of the CCB operation involves extensive quality assurance systems. Features include:



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    Subscriptions give you access to different levels of information on ALL available donors. You can also purchase Donor Information A La Carte for just one donor.
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