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Genetic Services

Our in-house team of experienced genetic counselors have graduate degrees and clinical training in medical genetics and counseling. They handle client questions, donor screening, medical updates, and special testing requests.

Reasons to Contact our Genetic Counselors:

  • If you have questions about a donor’s Genetic Test Summary (GTS) or family medical history
  • If you have a positive genetic test result or a family history of a particular genetic disorder
  • If you have questions about your donor’s family medical updates
  • If your donor-conceived child has any medical problems
  • If you need to request special testing on a donor

Our genetic counselors are available to assist you by calling 877-743-6384 from 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

Donor Screening: Genetic Evaluation

The goal of our genetic evaluation is to reduce the risk for significant medical problems in the donor’s offspring. If a donor applicant is considered to have an increased risk for having offspring with birth defects, above the 3% to 4% risk in the general population, he is disqualified from becoming a Cryobank donor.

  • Family Medical History - Our genetic counselors critically analyze donor applicants and their family medical histories during a genetic interview
  • Genetic Testing – Genetic Testing is performed on our donors to evaluate the risks for specific disorders in the donor’s offspring

We strongly recommend downloading your donor’s family Medical History and Genetic Test Summary (GTS). Both items are free and can be found on your donor’s profile page. We also encourage you to review your donor’s GTS with your medical professional before you ship your vials.

View Donor Screening: Genetic Evaluation FAQs

What happens when new medical information is received about a donor or his offspring?

Our Genetics staff documents all medical issues and updates received about a donor’s personal or family medical history or an offspring’s medical history. You may be contacted regarding updates.

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Expanded Genetic Testing

Our DNA Advantage™ Donors are screened for over 260 recessive conditions! Learn how this information can help you plan your pregnancy.

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Genetic Test Summary FAQs

Learn more about the information on your donor's Genetic Test Summary (GTS) and what it means for you.

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Common Health Problem FAQs

Read answers to questions about common medical problems.

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National averages range from 3-4 insemination cycles per successful pregnancy. We recommend purchasing at least 5 vials per child to guarantee your donor remains available until reaching your personal family goals. Additionally, you get 1 Year FREE storage if you purchase 4 or more vials ($475 value).


Our donors sell out and retire quickly! We have thousands of clients forced to choose between a new donor or not having a second child because they chose not to store vials for future use while they were available. To help you plan for your future, we offer 3 Years FREE storage if you purchase 3 Years+ vials ($1,050 value) - as well as the ability to sell back any unused vials that have not left our control.